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Thanks to our generous supporters, the donations we received are keeping the bank from foreclosing on us! This is giving us time to piece out equipment at better value and utilize the inventory.Those pieces of equipment that would be junked, but are otherwise valuable, we are transferring to a new company as needed.

These donations are keeping the farmers’ market outlet alive! They are making possible the transition of The Conscious Carnivore to a new LLC which will carry on the mission of Black Earth Meats!

The Buyers’ Club will utilize “our” farmers and connections, processing through other small, local plants that do a good job with handling . The animals will be boxed up by us in assortments that goes out to our members — very much like the vegetable CSA does.

We do hope BEM will return. We are working very closely with Mt. Horeb to create a processing center, and with other groups to rebuild a slaughterhouse. Mt. Horeb could be a year away, the slaughterhouse several years.

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Accent Graphix Design Studio
Katie Clark
Jennifer MacRostie
Elizabeth Lyon
Christine Grafft
Rosie Zimmer
Steven Young-Burns
Chris Mcdiarmid
Laura Smith
Robin Schirmer
Lynn Ketchum
Scott Schwartz
Ann Austin
Jim Sincock
Peter Schwieger
Elizabeth Macasaet
Daniel Olson
Juelaine Druckrey
Dana Darling
Christine Zimmerman
Laurie Ruck
Melissa Pluke
Sarah Eikhorn
Lauren Manes
Jeffery Zebrowski
Erica Colmenares
Jennifer Bruce
Christine Hill
Kaitlin Schott
Beth Junge
Brad Nelson
Corinne Bradley
Marcus Riedner
Mary Brewer
Martha Stephenson
Jason Konek
Lynda Beam
Donna Randall
Deborah Smith
Brianna Darnieder
Bonnie Tobey
Julie Sheldon
Mary Perry
Robert & Marcia Stockton
Brenda Gratton
Rea Solomon
Megan Veldkamp
Paige Mushinsku
Steve Moore
Jerrie Lee Wilmore
Thomas Brooks
Phoebe Young
Jodi Pathmann
Sarah Bianchi
Patricia McCormick

Odessa Piper
Sara Johnston
Michael Pieben
KJ Williams
Chris Klann
Wendy Chacon
Maggie Broadnax
Ellen Cook
Been Wokomir
Karen Tarjan
Ben Wolkomir
Jenny Carney
Carol Christensen
Lisa Knapp
Jennifer Conn
Tina Mallet-Grosse
Heather Smith-Wa
Kianna Soma
Luke VandenLangenberg
Laura Hansen
Kari Young
Joanne Wagner
Matt Bauer
Rebecca Lemke
Marissa Carter
Ben Brandt
Linda Pfister
Mara Helmke
Sarah Miller
Laruen Pett
Kemper Durand
Margie Schellpfeffer
Denise Mitchell
Tracy Kellner
Heather Squire
Theron Baumann
Melissa Kepner
Tami Otto
Brendan Baxter
Kate Spinillo
Matt Frank
Aaron & Laura Bock
Beth Rogers
Edwin Coley
Lauren Bloom
Aaron & Laura Bock
Scott Edwards
Don McBain
Jenifer Dorman
Bug Richardson

We still have our amazing buyers club!
You can still get Black Earth Meat quality meat

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We still have our amazing buyers club!
You can still get Black Earth Meat quality meat

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